• Hannibal Lecter 30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Favourite under appreciated actor/actressBrian Cox from Manhunter (1986) as Hannibal Lecter.

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To be honest, I personally feel that Brian is the only worth while thing watching in this movie. Considering how little he had to work with, he really nailed the character! His performance is pretty cold, ruthless, calculating and well, a tad cocky. I feel that Mikklesen will be more like Cox’s Lecter than Hopkins once he’s incarnated, despite the fact that probably the majority of Fannibals probably haven’t even heard of this movie. It took me a while to like him, but now I have a little soft spot for him owo This movie is also a bitch to find good screencaps off D: 

Even though I don’t think this movie is the best (I know the majority of this movie’s fans tend to be older males, idk why?) I think it’s definalty a worthwhile watch for some good 80’s cheese.

I think it’s also ironic to say that Brian Cox & Anthony Hopkins will be staring together in the same movie, RED2.

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